Care Women Nepal (CWN) was founded in 1998 by Indira Thapa to provide the women of Dhankuta, Nepal with access to reproductive health services. Indira founded CWN based on one simple idea: if everyone cared just a little, the world would be a better place. Ever since, Care Women Nepal has been working to help women live healthy, hopeful lives.

CWN’s activities are guided by a deeply personal understanding of the invaluable role that health plays as a prerequisite to women’s economic and social empowerment. As CWN advanced in its operations, there was a realization that the prevalence of  uterine prolapse was particularly high within the district of Dhankuta, in Eastern Nepal. Upon partnering with The Advocacy Project  in 2014, CWN began to focus its effort on carrying out health camps that screen women for uterine prolapse and provide treatment for women experiencing the condition in its early stages. CWN also arranges counselling and surgery for women experiencing severe prolapse. Camps are proceeded by outreach campaigns which aim to destigmatize uterine prolapse and empower women to seek medical attention.

Care Women Nepal acts as a bridge between women in under-served villages in need of reproductive health services and the government

22358496001_14ce1fa893_oIn Nepal, health services are often inaccessible, unaffordable or remote. CWN performs a vital role in the promotion of reproductive health and the prevention of uterine prolapse  in Dhankuta by screening women prolapse and other for  medical conditions free of charge at health camps several times per year. Between health camps, Care Women Nepal refers women to district health facilities for follow up and arranges transport and comprehensive financial support for women experiencing severe cases of prolapse.

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